Essential Sewing Equipment

Basic Equipment:

These are the basic equipment you need and also the most important. These include:

  • Sewing Machine – This is probably the most important piece of equipment one will own. It is a machine used to sew larger projects such as bags, blankets clothes rather than smaller projects, which can be accomplished easily by hand sewing.
  • Shears (fabric scissors) – These are scissors, which should only be used for cutting fabric. It can cut through multiple layers of fabric but by using it for other purposes can dull-down the scissors.
  • Measuring tape – This is used for measuring the amount of fabric one needs. It is especially useful for clothes to ensure a perfect fit. Without this, the result will be uneven and unprofessional.Lamp – This, or any other light source, is essential to sewing. If there isn’t good lighting, it’s impossible to witness everything that’s going on, therefore making the project prone to mistakes.
  • Pen – A water-soluble pen or a chalk is best. It is used for marking measurements to improve accuracy.


These are the equipment that is still extremely important and almost every sewer should own, but one can sew without it:

  • Seam Gauge – This ensures accuracy when pressing pleats or hems.
  • Pin and Pincushion – Pins are important to keep the fabric in place to prevent it from moving all around, making it prone to accidents like sewing the fabric in the wrong place. A pincushion is important so that one can easily stick the pin back without it going anywhere and to prevent injuries.
  • Iron and ironing board – Not only does ironing the fabric make it neater, it also makes sewing easier. If a fabric is all crinkled up, once it gets straightened out it could be sewed wrong.
  • Rotary cutter – This makes cutting out certain shapes or patterns much easier than scissors. It also comes with replaceable blades in case it gets blunt.
  • Self-healing mat – This is usually used with the rotary cutter. If a slit it made, it immediately forms back into a normal mat unlike a normal mat, which would just stay damaged. This is a life-saver when it comes to using cutters.
  • Seam Ripper – Used to clean up mistakes. It is in a shape similar to a needle to pick away at the seams

Extra Equipment:

These are equipment that makes one’s sewing life changing. However, it isn’t as important as the other equipment listed above and one can certainly sew without these. The equipment includes:

  • Thread snips – To cut loose threads or after finishing up and tying a knot, it can cut off the excess thread.
  • Extra sewing machine needles – Machine needles can break.
  • Hand sewing needles – In most projects, it requires a little bit of hand-sewing.
  • Ruler – Used for measurements but not completely essential because a seam gauge can also double up as a ruler. However, it can only double up as a ruler to measure small amount so having a large ruler is handy.
  • Dressform – When making dresses or skirts, it’s best to have some sort of “model” to work on, to ensure accuracy and to make sure the elastic (if any) works well.