Condo Interior Design Tips

Condo Interior Design

Living in the city can be as exciting as visiting an amusement park. There is a vivid thrill in immersing yourself in the sights and sounds that welcome you as you enter the entrance gates. When you are at the center of the activities, participating in the fun and games and riding the amazing roller coaster rides, you tend to feel that vibrant glow you can’t find anywhere else.

Yet after every ride, when your energy simmers down and you take in the chaotic frenzy all around you, there’s a desire that springs from your heart to escape, get away from the crowd and commune with yourself and the people that matter to you.

You search for that place where you can rest your head and reflect on the previous events in your life; you want to find that peaceful place that is more familiarly called home. Can such a place exist in the active and demanding metropolitan area where you chose to live and fulfill your dreams?

Let’s call it the best of both worlds; this idea of condo living that is sprouting up everywhere. You can be involved with this all-consuming world, or make believe that you are, and still be focused on your own growth as an individual with intact social ideals and healthy life perspectives.

If you are living in just a 40 square meter condominium unit and you dream of transforming it into a livable and personal abode, then you need not fret about it because there are thousands of practical and creative ways to do this using modern interior design ideas. The principles of innovative condo interior design will make this task more interesting and more enjoyable.

The limited area of your condo unit can dampen your spirits if you choose to focus on the negative side of things, but if you choose instead to view this as a challenging factor, then designing your own space will be a breeze. Below are some creative tips to help you beautify your home in the city:

Multi-functional areas

The living and dining space can be made interchangeable by building a bar that will serve as a breakfast nook as well as a place where you can sit and watch television.

You can use an entertainment cabinet divider to divide the living room and the bedroom so you can watch television on one side and you can place your books and accessories on the bedroom side.

The kitchen and dining area can be incorporated into one space by using one side of the island counter as a preparation surface with a sink or a range, and the other side as a dining table.

The living area can become a bedroom in a minute with a pocket bed hidden on its back wall. This design requires fabrication from your local carpenter or from high-end suppliers who specialize in doing specialized furniture projects for houses, hotels, offices, etc.

Convertible Furniture Pieces

There is a wide variety of sofa beds on the market today that will fit in whatever design theme you choose for your home. Just be careful to invest in a quality one with durable materials and a stable folding mechanism.

You can also use ottoman stools with hard tops as coffee tables so you will not have to worry about not having extra chairs when you have guests visiting. Some stool designs also have storage space when you take off their top portion. This can be a great place to keep scattered magazines and small items that only create a mess when visible.

One creative piece of furniture that you may want to consider is the ultramodern folding bed. Designed in 3 parts, it can be converted into a lounge chair and coffee table depending on what type of furniture you need at the time.

A low storage cabinet in your living room can be converted into a desk with a study chair or stool tucked inside it.

The closet could have a drop-down desk or ironing surface when you open one door to reveal it.

Design Materials

Glass and mirrors are common choices in materials if you want to make your space look wider than it actually is. You have to find strategic places to put them to create that desired spaciousness. For example, a full-length mirror mounted to your bathroom door will make the area seem bigger.

You can apply this same tactic by using mirrored closet doors for your bedroom. The choice of transparent fiberglass chairs and tables can make the dining space appear seamless and interconnected with the adjacent living area.

One solid paint color or a variation of hues of a specific color in your walls will provide a continuous illusion of space; no boundaries from one space to another thus creating an unhindered flow of traffic inside your home.

Prints and elaborate patterns in wallpapers and paint murals can be used if you want to have an oriental or period-themed interior. This will work well as long as you are using them as accents and not as the main feature. Their details can overpower a small space.

Traditional area partitions like sliding doors and low wall panels will only divide the space into smaller areas. Using the proper materials however, like translucent glass or thin wood with cut-out designs, can add some fascinating details without cluttering the room.

You may want to consider using white tiles with a glossy sheen all throughout the condo. This will serve to join the different areas as a singular cohesive space. It is also better to use reflective surface materials such as metallic appliances and shiny laminated kitchen cabinet doors in the usually small kitchen area of your condo.

Avoid building too many layers on your ceiling and using massive droplights or chandeliers that will just add clutter and obstruction to the view.

Alternative Furniture Pieces and Accessories

You can place a banquet seat and a bench as an alternative to the traditional four and six-seat dining set. They will function as extra seats when you’re entertaining plus they are space-savers because this set up can be pushed back to the wall as a stationary dining area.

Instead of the double-deck bed, why not use the space of the lower bed as a study area with a desk and drawers and the top portion as the sleeping area.

A four-poster bed can look grand in a wide master’s bedroom but in a condo unit it can be overwhelming. It would be better to settle for a high bed with drawers on its two sides.

In planning the layout and design of your place, do bear in mind that the key aim for efficient condo interior design is to maximize the limited space.

The kitchen should be adjacent to the dining area, which in turn should be accessible to the living area. There has to be an interrelation among the spaces and the details should be consistent to one theme so your home will not to be overwhelming for you and your loved ones to live in.

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An Introduction to Digital Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is comprised of a hardware box or unit separate from your computer system that permits the input and output of sound to and from your computer. Part of it may also come with your computer, or be in-built, such as the case of a separate or default sound card. You may also use a hardware box with various kinds of plug-ins, such as quarter-inch phono plugs, RCA connectors for a cassette tape deck, and the more sophisticated XLR connectors used with high-end microphones.

The separate hardware unit may also be likened to a mixer, wherein the audio interface works with pre-amps and analog input methods. After the signal passes through the pre-amp, it is transformed into digital data, and transmitted to the computer by way of a digital output. Related software then translates the aforementioned data and sends it back to the audio interface. The interface can then reconvert it to analog format before playback. There are also various kinds of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion units (which were utilized in the signal translation process).

Here are some types of interfaces that focus on audio:

• the Audio Codec 1997, or AC97, which allows for transmission between ICs (Integrated Circuits) on motherboards from PC systems

• the ADAT interface

• the AES / EBU interface using XLR connectors

• AES47, utilizing the AES3 digital audio format for networks with ATM or Asynchronous Transfer Modes

• Bluetooth using A2DP

• I²S or Inter-IC Sound interfaces for ICs in products for the consumer electronics market

• the Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface, or MADI

• MIDI interconnections for low bandwidths that carry data (but not sound)

• S/PDIF through TOSLINK or co-axial cable systems

• TDIF using the proprietary TASCAM format for D-Sub cabling

Digital bus devices, such as FireWire, PCI, and USB-technology powered tools can store information in the digital audio format as well.

Digital Audio Conversion

What affects sound quality in your audio interface or sound card? Two integral parts of your sound card or audio interface dictate sound output quality. Default software drivers that come with the acquisition of the card is one, while the second is the DAC, or digital audio converter incorporated into the card itself. The microphone pre-amps of your audio interface can also influence the quality of any recorded data.

Choosing between an Audio Interface or Sound Card

As recent technological developments change sound cards and audio interfaces, many professionals are biased towards one option. Musicians and sound technicians generally go for audio interfaces rather than conventional soundcards. These interfaces may be based on FireWire or PCI technology. The audio interface usually includes a breakout unit or box, which stands separate from the main computer. The audio interface also uses a cable attached to the computer’s PCI card, or a connection made with FireWire or USB-type cables. The breakout box has ports where instrument cables, mixer cables, monitor cables, or microphone cables can be affixed. The standard soundcard is typically located in a PCI slot within the computer, where the cables are at the rear of the said card.

A large portion of the sound cards being sold today have decent DAC capabilities. This is a far cry from just some years ago, where a user was required to pay a high price for good digital audio conversion. The evolution of digital audio conversion systems can be compared to compact-disc player technology. The first CD playing systems usually resulted in tinny or hollow-sounding output. Eventually, sound engineers and specialists refined DAC by error correction, interpolation, oversampling, and various methods to hone the sound. Sampling is the nucleus of the digital audio conversion process. The converter decodes the forthcoming analog signal and translates it into data. Once the signal had been completely transformed into information that the system can handle, the computer can then administer it by combining it with separate data, storing it on the hard drive, etcetera.

The quality of digital audio conversion is directly proportional to the condition of output from the card. The type of card (be it FireWire, PCI, or USB-based) does not dictate the sound output quality. The technology used simply serves to transport, transmit, or hold the data. The DAC is what actually shapes the sound, if you will. It is the main aspect that influences sound output quality.

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5 Buying Tips For Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

The best visco elastic memory foam mattress for you need not necessarily be the most expensive one as each individual needs differ. The problem with buying memory foam mattresses for most people is because of the huge variety of choices available which makes choosing one difficult. Here are 5 points that you should be your area of focus when buying memory foam mattress.


This is an important aspect you need to look into before making your choice. The density of a visco elastic memory foam mattress determines its durability. Note that density is measured for memory foams in the units of pounds/cubic feet. In other words any density measurement must be given in lbs.

Response time

Recommended density for visco elastic memory foam mattress is between 4-5lbs in density. Opting for densities higher than the recommended range may result in the foam being too slow to respond. Going lower than the recommended density may result in the foam being unable to give adequate support and wear out fast.

Indentation Force Deflection (IFD)

Without going into the technical aspects, an IFD rating is an indicator of the firmness or softness of memory foams. IFD is a very useful at gauging accurately the feel of a mattress. Individual preference on the firmness differs widely therefore no recommendation can be given however. Do note that addition of different memory foam toppers/pads can greatly change the effective IFD of a memory foam mattress.

Topper Thickness

Visco elastic memory foams mattresses come with a base support layer forming the bottom with a combination (in most cases) with memory foam toppers of various thickness and densities to give a variety of feel to the bed. A bed made completely of memory foam is neither comfortable nor practical. Recommended thickness of the topper is between 2-3 inches. This range provides the best in support, response and durability.


Always get good quality covers for your visco elastic memory foam mattress covers. A good cover should be waterproof, dust mite proof all the while allow for breathability. The cover should also be soft and absorbent enough to soak up body fluids including saliva.

Overall if you are above average weight always go for the higher limits of the recommended range when shopping for visco elastic memory foam mattresses.

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Follow Along As I Choose The Best Waterproof Headphones

I recently decided to start up running and there is no better thing, in my opinion, to be running through the countryside while listening to your favorite music tracks. This has been made very easy now due to the introduction of Bluetooth technology and smartphones. But strangely I have yet to purchase a Bluetooth headset for running with. I know I need it to be waterproof and I want it small and light. So why not follow with me as I go through the thinking around getting my first waterproof Bluetooth headset. For more details on particular headsets see here.

First Thoughts

You truly can take your music with you anywhere you go. Regardless of what sport you like, whether it’s swimming, running or something else, waterproof earphones will help you listen to the music you adore while you stay active. These earphones are intended to give quality sound even when they are submerged in water.

A significant number of these underwater earbuds permit you to dive almost 10 feet in the water for up to 30 minutes while they operate at maximum efficiency. The waterproof capabilities of these gadgets are wonderful, and if the earbuds become grimy or covered in sweat from an exceptional workout, simply wash them with water and a little cleanser. Toward the day’s end, you’ll generally have a clean pair of earphones with top notch sound quality.

When you’re searching for the best waterproof earphones, you require a product that furnishes you with powerful, top notch sound quality, a comfortable configuration and a variety of extra components, for example, the capacity to work at awesome depths and for long periods of time. The following are the criteria we utilized in choosing the best underwater earphones.

Sound Quality

The nature of the earphones is one of the most basic and vital aspects. Most of these earphones can be submerged in water for long stretches of time and still work at their maximum capacity. Some of the best submerged earphones have ambient noise features that permit you hear the sound in your encompassing surroundings, while enjoying your music.

Comfortable Fit

listening-in-the-rainWhen you utilize your sweat-proof earphones for a wide range of sport, you require a couple of earbuds that are comfortable and can fit you well. There are numerous sizes of earbuds enabling you to choose the right one that can fit your ear canal. Every waterproof earbud is designed in a unique way.

Some waterproof earphones are just earbuds, while others give over-the-ear snares to keep the earbuds in place.You can find waterproof headphones with reflective covers that can help other people see you in lower light. You will likewise discover a number of the best swimming earphones in a variety of colors to fit your style.


Some waterproof earphones have a few extra components that really enhance them, while others are exceptionally fundamental. The best sweat-proof earphones incorporate remote capabilities. This implies that when you are in a serious workout and need to change the volume, you can utilize the remote situated on the cable to turn it up or down.

You will likewise need to take a look at the plug on these devices to guarantee that they have a standard 3.5mm plug that will fit most of your electronic gadgets.With a combination of the above elements, you can discover waterproof earphones that will really enable you to take your music anywhere you wish to go.

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Getting Your Sewing Machine Tension Right Every Time

sewing-machine-tensionAnyone who has ever used a sewing machine has experienced a time when they sat at their machine and started the sewing machine on a difficult seam only to realize quite quickly that the sewing machine did not feel right in their hands. Something was wrong. The reason for this feeling is due to the thread tension on your sewing machine. Most often when a sewing machine does not feel right it is the sewing machine tension that is to blame.

This sort of problem can be one of the most frustrating problems to resolve when trying to get a handle on your sewing machine. There just seem to be so many places to make adjustments it is almost impossible to know where the problem lies and worse, how to fix it.

We are going to use this article to run through a number of potential areas the problem may lie and how to fix them with the minimum of fuss.

  • Re-thread Your Sewing Machine

The first thing to try in an attempt to fix the issue of sewing machine thread tension is to rethread the machine from scratch. Pay close attention to where the thread is going. Use the manual to confirm your choices.

  • Check the Bobbin


Sometimes the bobbin can be wound too loose or too tight which can affect the smoothness of the thread release. This in turn can affect the way the thread flows through the machine. Changing the bobbin may resolve this issue quickly and easily.

  • Check if Anything is Broken

A broken or bent needle can cause problems. Similarly if any of the guides are blocked or constrained this can affect the tension. If in doubt, see if you can easily replace with a new item.\r\n

  • Check the Right Thread for your Fabric

Sometimes thread does not work well with some fabrics. Try a different type of thread to see if the problems continue.

  • Make Sure the Sewing Machine is Clean

There should be no dust trap, especially where the thread passes. These can cause halting thread and may well be the cause of any tension issues. Make sure the sewing machine is clean, paying special attention to where the thread travels.

  • Check your Needle

If your needle is blunted then it will not feel right when sewing. Make sure you have a sharp needle and if not replace it with a new one.


Obviously this does not represent a comprehensive list of problems, but those factors listed above are the most common cause of problems with sewing machine tension and you would do well to quickly run through each of the items listed before making any adjustments to the tension of the thread. For example if you were to take the sewing machine to a repair shop they would almost certainly run through each of these items before undertaking any more substantial repair. Why not potentially save yourself the bother and make sure the problem is real before taking this step.

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My Household Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home allergy free requires frequent cleaning. But that does not have to mean a lot of work. I focus on worker smarter, not harder.

Time management strategies and organization have made my cleaning routines streamlined and over the years I have collected many helpful household cleaning tips. I have found that keeping a cleaning routine prevents the buildup of dust. I have assigned one task for each day of the week so that I don’t need to do it all at one time. Our schedule goes something like this:


Wipe down all floors. Both bathroom counters are cleaned.


The 2 rooms that we have carpeting in are vacuumed with our HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner. Living room is dusted.


Scrub out shower, tub, and toilets. Clean bathroom sinks.


All bed linens are laundered. Laundry is all done, folder, and put away.


Family room is dusted. Toys are sorted and put away. Windows are cleaned.

My kitchen is cleaned daily. The dishwasher is run every night and usually the clean dishes get put up first thing in the morning. Then the breakfast dishes can immediately be put in the dishwasher following breakfast and the day does not start with dishes piled up in the sink.

This just gives you an example of how we handle our cleaning needs. You need to start with an assessment of your home and what areas need really frequent cleaning. Then break those down into very manageable sections and divide into the days of the week you have available for cleaning.

Since I have very young children, I do not have a lot of time for extra household cleaning. I therefore decided that I would minimize how much stuff I needed to clean. The house is decorated very simply. No knick knacks or collectibles displayed. The windows all have very simple window treatments which are easily removed for laundering. We use a few area rugs which can be removed and cleaned when necessary.

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Problem with Our Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Solved

I have two Harbor Breeze ceiling fans installed in my home. We live in a warm climate and during the hot summer months we were finding our living room to get to the point where it was uncomfortable sitting in without putting the air conditioning on. This is expensive and so we decided to install a ceiling fan in order to lower the overall cost of keeping the room cool.

Researching Ceiling Fan Ranges

We did a fair amount of research into ceiling fans, and we finally decided that Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range was the best option due to the fact that they had such a wide variety of different fan models ranging from the more traditional ceiling fan model to some beautiful contemporary ceiling fan options. You name it, they have it.

Harbor Breeze 52 inch Tilghman Bronze Ceiling Fan

Our home is not particularly contemporary in its set up and so we felt that the more traditional ceiling fan option was the best one. We also wanted either a ceiling fan with a light or one that could have a light kit installation. The reason for this was that there is relatively little room on the ceiling for both a fan and a light to be situated. As a result the best option was to have both the fan and the light fitting integrated into each other.

Again the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range came to the rescue and in the end we opted for the traditional Harbor Breeze Bamboo ceiling fans with a light fitting. It cost us around $260 from Lowes.

The installation has been really successful and we hardly ever use the air conditioning as a result during the summer months. We have a veranda and as the first ceiling fan proved to be such a success we thought that installing a second fan on the veranda would be great.

Choosing a Second Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

hb ceiling fanHaving had such a good experience with Harbor Breeze fans the first time around it was an obvious choice to go for Harbor Breeze the second time too. The second ceiling fan has now been in place for approximately 18 months and we love it.

Recently however, one of the blades became loose and upon inspection we felt that the best course of action was to get a replacement blade. We were a bit worried about being able to locate a source of replacement ceiling fan blades especially in the particular model that we already had installed. But the amazing thing about the internet is that if you are trying to track down awkward parts you can take an awful lot of the leg work out of your search simply by going online.

In the end we sourced the part from a supplier of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan replacement parts and in fact not only that but the part was despatched and sent to us without charge for post and packaging at a much better price than we expected.

Installation of our new part was a piece of cake and I am pleased to report that our lovely Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is back and working as good as new. Hurray!

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Alternative Water Softening Solution

Not everyone is comfortable with the normal salt-based water softening solutions. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first one is that they tend to be large pieces of equipment that require space for installation in some of the places in your home where space is at a premium. Installing a salt-based water softener solution is often best done when the pipework is being installed throughout your home as in this instance you can sensibly plan the location of the device so that it is both easy to access and also easily accessed for maintenance purposes.

That leads us on to the second problem associated with these traditional water softening units – maintenance. It may come as a surprise to you but the average system is usually only able to hold enough salt to soften the water for perhaps 7-10 days. It then requires refilling or regenerating with new salt. Forget to do this on a systematic basis and the whole point of an expensive installation is lost.

Salt Free Water Softening Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to these water softening solutions. One in particular that we are going to review today is the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler sold by Amazon.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

This clever little device (remember little is good when using water softening in the home) does not actually soften the water. Instead it works to emulate the effect of water softening without absorbing or otherwise changing the mineral balance in the water.

This can be a real positive as another well known disadvantage of salt-based systems is that not many people actually like the taste of softened water and as a result you often end up installing a separate pipe to provide householders with water that you can actually drink.

>> See Price on Amazon <<

Installation of the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is easy to install not distinguishing between metal or plastic pipes onto which it is fitter. Indeed installation is so easy that you can usually undertake it yourself with a minimum of fuss.

The device weighs only 1.4 pounds and is about 7 inches by 2 inches by 4 inches in dimensions.

We found it for sale on Amazon at around the $200 mark which compared to other salt-free water softening systems is a very good price.

>> View on Amazon <<

If you would like to know what customers think of the Eddy Descaler then you will be more than satisfied. This is a popular device and has at least 191 reviews on Amazon giving it a score of 3.9 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars.


All in all, the Eddy looks like a strong and popular product in the water softening market. It is relatively cheap and very easy to install and requires next to no ongoing maintenance. This makes is an ideal alternative to more traditional salt-based water softening systems.

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